Getting Ready for Your Physiotherapy Services in Ottawa –But How?

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You’ve got a physiotherapy session coming up?  Fantastic!  Congratulations on taking that first step in taking control over your injury and getting better!

Before you arrive at the clinic, here are a few tips to help you prepare for your first physiotherapy session.

6 Tips to Prepare for Your Physiotherapy Session

Get the most out of your session!

Know Your Goals:

First thing is first, think about what you hope to achieve with physiotherapy. Do you want to get rid of your knee pain? Or do you want to improve the stability and flexibility of a specific joint or area? Whatever you want – you should let your physiotherapist know.  Knowing what your goals are will help your Ottawa physiotherapist tailor the best treatment approach for you..

Bring Your Questions:

Asking questions is absolutely okay and completely welcome.  Do you have burning questions about your treatment plan or exercises? Write them down and bring them along to the session. Your physiotherapist is a highly educated professional who will definitely have answers that will give you a more clear understanding of your injury and the steps to help you recover.

Comfortable Clothing all the Way:

Let’s talk clothes. When it comes to physiotherapy, being comfortable is important because you’ll definitely be moving around during a treatment session.  Opt for clothing that allows your body to move easily and exposes the area that needs to be treated.  For a foot or leg injury, don’t forget to bring comfortable shoes that you’ve had for awhile.  There may be a story in how the soles are worn down or the shape of your shoes that will help your physiotherapist better understand the cause of your injury.  And if you forget a t-shirt or shorts, not to worry!  Our clinics always keep a supply on hand!

Arrive Early or On-Time:

Punctuality is greatly appreciated by both your physiotherapist and the other patients after you.  Arriving a few minutes early gives you time to check in, fill out any necessary paperwork, and maybe even allow you to have a friendly chat with the clinic staff.  Arriving late can set your physiotherapist back in a way that means that he or she starts late with everyone after that.

Stay Hydrated and Fuel- up:

Bring a bottle of water.  If you forget, no worries!  Our clinics are always happy to give you a cool glass of water.  Staying hydrated is super important because it helps you think better.  Having a snack on hand if you get hungry can be helpful, too.  Nutritious snacks – like fruit, are a great way for your body to get healthy energy quickly.

Open Minds Learn Best!:

Last but certainly not least, come to your session with an open mind. Physiotherapy is a journey; sometimes, the path might be bumpy.  But remember, you are there to heal and healing can take time depending on the injury.  Sticking to the treatment plan and the home exercises will make it all worth it in the end.  Your Ottawa physiotherapist will reassure you that even though the journey may be hard, the result will be well worth the effort!

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