Jeffrey Edwards PT


Jeffrey Edwards,

“Expertise in Sports Injury Rehab and Running Injury Rehab.”

Jeff received his Masters degree in Physiotherapy from Queen’s University and completed his undergraduate studies in Health Science at Western University. He is committed to life-long learning in order to provide the most effective care possible based on cutting-edge research.

In his practice, Jeff manages acute and chronic pain, arising from sports injuries or from prolonged hours in the office environment. He uses a movement-based assessment to determine the root-cause of the issue and may incorporate various hands-on techniques like joint mobilization, soft tissue release techniques or dry needling to facilitate better movement and pain resolution. Routinely, patients are also provided with a customized exercise program to facilitate further progress at home. Above all else, patient education serves as the foundation of Jeff’s sessions, ensuring there is a clear explanation of the diagnosis and transparency on the plan of care.


While at Western, Jeff was an accomplished varsity track athlete and served as team captain. After active competition, he continued to stay involved in the sport by coaching both varsity and club level athletes for several years. His athletes have attended international competitions such as the IAAF World Youth Championships, World University Games and the Pan Am Games.

Jeff enjoys a variety of sports and maintains a very active lifestyle. In his spare time, he enjoys weight lifting, running, cycling, swimming, and routinely competes in local races.

For a detailed list of the continuing education courses Jeff has taken, please refer to his LinkedIn profile: